Established 1986 Corporate Headquarters Plano, TX

Founded in 1986, Marubeni Transport Service Corp. (MTS) is an asset based logistics (3PL) provider. We provide freight transportation and logistics, outsource solutions, produce sourcing, and information services to customers through a network of our offices in North America and Asia. To meet our customers' freight needs, we provide access to our trucks and 66,000 transportation providers worldwide, including contract motor carriers, railroads, air freight carriers, and ocean carriers. Our performance-driven culture, and our proven track record of success, we've built a strong reputation as an industry leader.
The ongoing challenges of the supply chain industry inspire us to innovate and search for new ideas that challenge limits and extend to every aspect of supply chain management. Our customers, contract carriers, and suppliers are the beneficiaries of this forward-thinking approach because we believe they deserve nothing but the best from their 3PL. We are not content to only meet their expectations but also we are committed to exceeding them every single day.


Our Business

  • Asset-based third-party logistics (3PL) providers of freight and transportation logistics, outsource solutions, and information services
  • Most Extensive network of motor carrier capacity in North America
  • Employees worldwide
  • Offices in North America and Asia
  • Customers worldwide


Quickly navigate the challenging requirements of international shipping regulations with an effective customs compliance strategy and reliable customs brokerage service - no matter your industry. Easily define your needs, contain costs, and minimize your risk when you choose professional customs brokers with 100+ years of experience. Overall supply chain visibility is essential for paying the right amount of tariffs, duties, and declared values. Utilize customs brokerage specialists to help you comply with existing government regulations and stay ahead of changing customs compliance laws. With all the variables and challenges of a global marketplace, a streamlined approach to your customs clearance strategy means less risk, fewer errors, and reduced costs for you.

Experience superior customs brokerage service

  • Develop accurate data by utilizing compliance assistance for your imports.
  • Pay appropriate duty rates using advanced tariff engineering.
  • Access dedicated customs brokerage managers, their staff, and global trade reports.
  • Develop standard operating procedures and best business practices to help you mitigate regulation errors and manage risk.
  • Minimize costly delays with cargo examination coordination.
  • Receive complete customs brokerage services when crossing the borders of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to improve your speed to market as well as help preserve your C-TPAT certification and FAST designation.

Combine your customs brokerage with ocean freight forwarding, air freight forwarding, project logistics, domestic freight services, and other additional services for complete logistics solutions.
Discover global trade resources to maximize your global shipment capabilities and better maintain customs compliance. Utilize the Incoterms 2010 and security tools to find definitions for international transactions, understand who bears the risk in a transaction, and learn more about safety programs like the 10+2 Rule, and C-TPAT certification.

Freight Forwarder/ Export Compliance / Air, Ocean, and Ground

We undertake international freight forwarding operations including customs clearance procedure, and comprehensively support the customer's business. Particularly in recent years, companies are increasingly shifting their production bases and consumer targets to overseas. It is essential for customers to ensure smooth import/export coordination across the nation border. We help customers to build optimized global supply chain by making maximum use of core competence of trading-house-based logistics company and the advantages of combining an overseas network, international forwarding and customs clearance functions.
Also, with in-house information technology in the logistics industry, MTS provides customers with track & trace system to increase the visibility of their global supply chain.


Freight Forwarder/ Export Compliance / Air, Ocean, and Ground

As a preferred Third Party Logistics Provider, MTS offers a full range of forwarding and freight management services to our customers. We have a 70 plus year history in the shipping industry, a solid financial basis and rock-solid reputation built from years of consistent performance.
Our management philosophy focuses on "Proactive Partnerships" with our customers, and we make it a point to have full knowledge of customers' products, trade lanes, and specific needs. We know who our clients are, and they know us, and this forms the basis for our success in customer retention. Our history of long-term customer relationships speaks four our customers' satisfaction.
We utilize state of the art systems as support for our experienced staff to give every customer the benefit of our personalized service backed by state-of-the-art technology and IT capabilities. Our systems give us capabilities for very high volume shippers (Fortune 500 clients) as well as flexibility for fast-paced, entrepreneurial shippers requiring extensive hands-on management.

Other Compliance / Online Services

As a full-service logistics provider with over 85 years of experience in all areas of trade and logistics, MTS can provide a full spectrum of consulting services to our customers in all areas of regulatory and logistics compliance. Our consulting staff includes Licensed Customs Brokers, Certified Customs Specialists, Certified Ocean Forwarders and industry professionals, many with 25+ years of experience in various sectors.

MTS Portal and Shipment Tracking are available online for our clients that have registered and received a valid user ID and password. If you are interested in utilizing either of these functions, please request to be registered by contacting your account representative.

The Portal gives control of the entry and transmission of their shipment data to comply with the latest CBP requirements for Importer Security Filing.

  • Binding Ruling Requests
  • Commercial Invoice Assessment
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Customer Training Seminars (Imports & Exports)
  • Pre-Classifications
  • Customized Reporting Services
  • Foreign Trade Zones
  • Schedule B Classifications
  • Duty and HTS Classification Analysis
  • Letters of Credit
  • INCO-Terms/International Terms of Sale
    (Use & Implication)
  • Customs Compliance
  • NAFTA Certification
  • Freight Services Audits and Oversight
  • International Financing and Banking
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Protests


As an asset based third party logistics company, the MTS mission is to decrease freight management inefficiencies and to provide maximum hard and soft cost savings for our customers. We handle the process of shipping oversized, full truckload or individual projects by providing logistics solutions through our powerful and proprietary transportation management system and integrated managed transportation services.

Our primary custom-developed software tools are;

  • Reverse logistics system for returnable containers and crates
  • Compliance support system for import cargoes
  • Cargo truck & trace system
  • Warehouse management system
  • Freight bill audit system
  • ISF (Importer Security Filing) entry system
  • Customs document generation system
  • Electronic billing system
  • Freight quote system
  • EDI system
  • ISF/customs entry system
  • TMS (transportation management system)
  • load optimization system


Multiple areas compose our logistics consultation service;

  • 3PL (Third Party Logistics) service
  • Load optimization service
  • Route optimization service
  • Reverse logistics service
  • Intermodal transportation (combination of multiple transportation modes)
  • Distribution centers and their network modeling study
  • Distribution system restructuring study
  • Traffic volume throughput evaluation and optimization service
  • Warehouse/ Inventory control service
  • Traffic control service
  • Command center service
  • Customer onsite operation assistance
  • Logistics software system development and implementation service
  • KPI (key performance indicator) management

MTS utilizes Kaizen methodologies to solve problems through the listening, gathering data, analysis, and solutions presentation. The framework we employ is below, the answers you get are objective, actionable, measurable and will meet or exceed your expectation.

Keep your truckload freight moving according to your plan


You have endless options when it comes to shipping over the road. Choose from a broad range of freight transportation services for both your standard and unique ground shipping requirements. Drive growth and efficiency into your transportation operations with consistent capacity. Reliable service and customizable alternatives for your freight transportation.
Find the capacity you need utilizing our assets that supported by a national partnership with thousands of carriers.
When it comes to your truckload shipments, get what you need from the moment you hand off your freight. Utilize our assets, managed transportation solutions or allow us to source your capacity needs by using our national network of carriers. MTS will deliver on time and budget. Find customized freight solutions for your unique dry van cargo from one of the largest and well-respected transportation providers in the world.

National Warehouse services

MTS provides warehouse services throughout the lower 48.

  • Dedicated contract warehousing-warehouse services designed for a single customer
  • Public warehousing services-flexible storage solutions for regional and national product distribution
  • e-Commerce fulfillment services-efficient fulfillment of direct-to-customer orders
  • Pick and Pack warehousing service-coordinated solution designed to avoid storage by receiving and sorting products at the dock for immediate shipment to consignees.

Value-Added Warehousing Services

MTS goes well beyond the idea that a warehouse is a place to store product. We consider that to compete truly with a global marketplace the storage facility is now a Product Transformation Centers (PTC). PTC processes create opportunities that traditional warehouse management fails to recognize. Product assembly, repack, rework, relabel and enhanced with a host of advanced warehousing services reduces inventory carrying costs, unnecessary "Transfer Shipments" while quickly scaling operations to meet the demands of your business. At MTS, value-added warehousing is how we grow your bottom-line:

  • Order assembly and fulfillment
  • Pick and pack warehousing
  • Labeling/Packaging/repacking
  • Poly bundling/club packs
  • Promotional packing
  • UPC bar code printing
  • Price ticketing
  • Inventory management
  • Kitting and assembly services
  • Labeling, repacking, and insertion of hangers
  • WA/QC
Identify Areas of Operational Improvement, Analysisand Solutioniteration, Solution Consensus, Solution Implementation


Marubeni's DNA

Information power making effective use of the reliability of the Marubeni Group and of our overseas network

Record of copious results

Total support for physical distribution services assured by out copious experience and know-how

Power to make proposals

Offering optimum logistics solutions to meet ever-diversifying customer needs

Achieving optimum pricing

Contributing to the optimization of transportation costs hand in hand with the optimization of physical distribution



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